Two weeks in Costa Rica. Do I need a translator?

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francoliv asked 6 years ago

I’m traveling to Costa Rica for a long holiday. It’s not going to be my first visit in the country. The first time I was there, I was attending a romance tour so I didn’t really have that many problems during my stay. This time I’m going alone. The problem is that I have already forgotten about the very few Spanish words I’ve learned during my first trip.
I was wondering if I should get a private translator to stay with me during my whole stay. At least that person can also be my guide around, directions and all. Can anyone suggest an affordable agency where I can hire an interpreter? Would they charge per hour or per day? I’ll be staying for two weeks so it might hurt my budget a lot.
Any advice from you guys? Will really appreciate any response. Thank you so much.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi francoliv, 
It’s very common for people visiting Costa Rica not to know any Spanish. Most destinations and attractions have a high percentage of locals who speak at least a little English. So unless you are going to some very off-the-beaten-path places, you should be able to get by alright at hotels, restaurants, and sights. When we first visited, we knew almost no Spanish. The locals (even those that don’t speak English) are very good about helping you and if you practice a little bit before your trip, it can go a long way. You can also check out our post about Simple Spanish Words and Phrases for some guidance. Best of luck!   

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