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Adesaqui asked 6 years ago

Hi there!
Thanks a lot for your blog, it’s really useful.
I’m going to Costa Rica end of Feb until mid march for 16 days and I’m doing the first week on my own. I was wondering if it was doable to do from San Jose: 3 days in Manuel Antonio, 1 day in Rainmaker project and then 3 days in Monteverde or is it going to be the same activities everywhere? I don’t want too much crowd but at the same time I’ll be on my own so it’ll help not too be completely lost 🙂 I plan to take shuttles and public buses but not sure how to manage Rainmaker to Manuel Antonio?  Can I  be based in Manuel Antonio and just go to Rainmaker for the day like an excursion? 
Can we access beaches in Manuel Antonio without going through the Park? or is it only completely hidden after a long trek?
After Monteverde, I plan to join my friend in Taramindo and go down the coast for a week before going back to San Jose. Is that a good idea to do it that way?
Sorry for all the questions. I’m used to South East Asia but I’ve never been to Central America.
Many thanks for your help again!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Aurelie,
Yes, Manuel Antonio and Monteverde would be great places to visit and both very different environments. You’ll get jungle and beach in Manuel Antonio and cloud forest and cooler temperatures in Monteverde. You’d want to do Rainmaker from Manuel Antonio since there aren’t any places to stay close to there. You can either hire a taxi to take you or go on a guided hike, which would include transportation (let us know if you need a guide). Manuel Antonio has other beaches that are not in the national park but we recommend visiting the park ones because they are beautiful and not a hard walk to get to. 
Your plan to go down the Nicoya Peninsula with your friend before going back to San Jose sound fun!