Traveling to Dominical with 1 year old

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mary asked 7 years ago

Hello! I recently came across your site and noticed you had been living in the Dominical Area.  I will be traveling there next month with my one year old son, staying for about 3 weeks.  I have a place booked closer to Plantanillo for 3 nights across from the waterfall, but was wondering if you knew anyone or had a suggestion of the best area to stay? We are definitely on a budget, so looking more of an air bnb type then a hotel.  I am looking for a place with access to a kitchen and easy to access transportation or walk.  I know the ocean in Dominical is very strong, and although my little guy can’t yet swim I am sure we will want to splash around.  I have been in other parts of CR before, but not this far south and not with a Baby!  He is walking, so that will be helpful but I am deciding if I should bring a small stroller or just a carrier for hiking/traveling or both!  I would love your feed back about any of the above. Oh, and I was planning on taking a private shuttle bus from the airport to Dominical just for help with luggage and safety, any thoughts on that? Thank you.  Also, Sam is so adorable!  Congratulations!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Mary, 
Thanks for checking out our blog. You are definitely on the right track looking up in the hills a little bit for a more affordable rental. Options near the beaches tend to be very expensive this time of year. Platanillo is good, especially if you are near the main road (route 243) because there are several buses a day that go through there to get to Dominical, the Tinamaste Feria on Tuesdays or San Isidro de El General for shopping. You could also look in the town of Hatillo, since that also has a bus that goes through it. For beaches, Playa Dominicalito is better for kids (especially at lower tides) since it is rocky and has some little tide pools. We don’t own a stroller because, even in the cities (Quepos, San Isidro), it is difficult to fit on the sidewalks and the roads locally are either dirt or don’t have a big shoulder. We bring our Ergo carrier with us a lot instead. Lastly, yes definitely make your life easier and get a shuttle from the airport. Maybe we’ll see you around town! 

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