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geriblust asked 8 years ago

Hi Guys! Wow, I just found your blog while planning our family trip! We’re headed there this coming Feb with our three children and my only concern is getting around with them safely. Everything I keep reading makes me wonder if we should rent a car or use the shuttles? 

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi geriblust, 
Both are good options but a car definitely has some advantages. For one, you can make stops along the way to break things up for the kids. Shared shuttles do make some stops but usually it is only one for a long drive (private drivers will usually stop more upon request). A car also allows more freedom to explore once you get somewhere and it might also be more affordable. Shuttles can add up fast with a family of 5, depending on their age (shuttles usually charge half price for kids under a certain age). But even with a discount you will be paying for shuttles to all the attractions that are not within walking distance. It’s worth comparing prices though, if you aren’t comfortable driving. We have a post coming out tomorrow about road conditions (subscribe here to get it by email), which might help ease any concerns. Also be sure to use our rental car discount page to see what prices are for a rental. For your size family we’d recommend something like a Hyundai Grand Santa Fe or a Toyota Prado. Both are 7 passenger so would allow plenty of room for luggage. Hopefully this helps and you and your family have a great trip!     

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