Traveling to Costa Rica during the summer

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ponyason asked 8 years ago

Howdy I am planning to visit Costa Rica during sometime in mid/late July for about 10 days with my wife and two daughters (22 and 16). I bought your excellent book Costa Rica Itineraries. Based on that information I was planning to visit La Fortuna, Monteverde and Manuel Antonio for about 3 days each. Do these destinations make sense in July or should we modify them given the fact that July is a rainy season in Costa Rica? Thanks, Igor.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Igor,  The weather in July is tough to predict but that technically is the rainy season here so you might get a bit wet. Typically it doesn’t rain all day though, mostly just in the afternoon or night. This allows you to get most of your activities in during the morning. And if you do get some days with heavy rain, try to plan your activities loosely so that you can change them if the weather is bad. That time of year isn’t that busy so some tour companies will even be flexible, letting you go the next day instead. From experience, we can say that the weather is really hard to predict in July at La Fortuna (it could go either way or be mixed); it is always a little wet and misty in Monteverde (that’s what makes it such a special habitat); and Manuel Antonio typically has sun during the day and a thunderstorm or shower in the evening and at night. So I guess that is just the long winded way to say, don’t change your plans too much 🙂 Not sure if you saw it already, but here is the link to our weather post, which might help too:

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