adtiba asked 8 years ago

Hey guys, first of all thanks for your awesome travel guide for Costa Rica – it has been very helpful so far. Unfortunately I ran into one (I hope minor problem). I am travelling by myself on a relatively low budget so a rental car really isn’t an option. Among other places I am planning to go from San Jose to La Fortuna. I figured that I could do this trip by a cheap bus because it seems fairly easy. I think I will spring for a shuttle for some of my other trips but this seemed like one I could save money on. So I looked on (as you suggest in your blogs) but I seem to be unable to book the bus I want online. Do you know why that could be? From what I understand atm thebusschedule basically redirects one to other companies who offer the rides but I wasn’t able to find anything from there on.  Thank you very much, adtiba (from Austria)

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Adtiba, 
We’re not sure that it is possible to book the bus tickets online for that route. It is possible with some of the larger bus companies and long distance routes but when we took the bus from San Jose to La Fortuna, we just had to show up at the bus station a little early and wait in line to buy a ticket. It was a little confusing so don’t be afraid to ask for some help to make sure you are in the right line. The ride is long and the bus is crowded but when you get closer to La Fortuna you can start to see the shape of Arenal Volcano in the distance. It’s well worth it. Have fun on your trip and best of luck with the bus.