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jet asked 8 years ago

LOVE your website.  So incredibly helpful.  Kudos to you for living your dream!!
I am traveling the world with my 10 yr old, which requires homeschooling along the way.  We hope to spend mid June-mid thought mid-July in Costa Rica.  Any ideas on how or in what villages we ought to approach about allowing my daughter to experience public school for the day as more of a cultural exchange?  She plans to maintain a blog and will write about her experience visiting public schools around the world.  For example, while in Costa Rica, it would be great for her to attend school for the day at a few different locations (3-4 days total during our time in country).  Open to suggestions.  Yes, we hope to have very basic Spanish by the time we arrive.
Also, we are outdoor enthusiasts.  What top 3-4 regions or sites would you recommend we MUST see or experience during our time in Costa Rica (June-July)?
Thanks much…

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Julie, 
How great that you are traveling so extensively with your daughter. Definitely memories that will last a lifetime! We aren’t exactly sure how to go about approaching the local schools but feel that many of them would be open to the idea. We had reached out to a private school in Quepos for one of our clients that was hoping to volunteer and they welcomed people like your daughter as an opportunity to have their students learn about people from around the world and their cultures. It might be best to talk with local parents in the places you are staying to get a sense of how it would work.
As for destinations, you can see a lot in a month if you don’t mind moving around. The culture is very different on the Pacific coast vs. the Caribbean, and different still in the city and country. So maybe it would be fun to visit a little of each. In our opinion the southern areas of the country are the most lush and beautiful, so great for outdoor stuff. Check out our Destinations Summary Guide for a brief description of your options. Best of luck with your travels!