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Sam Grossman asked 6 years ago

We’re planning a trip for Feb 2019. Originally thinking of going from Monteverde to Punta Leona for 4 days, but after reading your post on Samara, I’m thinking of that as a cooler option. I also saw your posting on the 606 construction. Can we do a relatively easy day drive from Monteverde to Samara and after our stay in Samara back to SJO ? Planning on renting 4×4. (BTW, love your site, and have enjoyed your book). Sam

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Sam, 
Yes, the drive from Monteverde to Samara would be relatively easy, even if the road construction on 606 is still going on (it may be finished in February). It should take about 3 hours. Then from Samara back to the airport area, the drive is about 4 hours, mostly highway. Be sure to leave extra time if you are flying out that same day. Hope you have a great trip! 

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