Transportation from Liberia to attractions.

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devan asked 8 years ago

Hello! My boyfriend and I are going to be traveling to Costa Rica in late September. Unfortunately, we will only have a week and are not looking to rent a car. We are looking for the most effective and cost efficient way of getting from our base (Liberia) to the many attractions we’d like to see before our short time in the country is up. Are taxis readily available and would they be able to accompany you for a whole day trip? or would you suggest a bus/shuttle? Is there anything else you would suggest that I am not thinking of? Thank you so much!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Devan, 
Taxis are readily available and you can often negotiate with them for a good daily rate. Your hotel can probably help find you a reliable driver. Otherwise, you could look into shuttle companies to take you around. Both will be a bit expensive but if you don’t want to rent a car your options are limited. Another suggestion would be to switch your home base and go to several different places. Liberia isn’t anything too special (inland small city) so instead you could stay at one of the beaches for a few days (check out our Destinations Guide for ideas) and taxi around from there, then move to another place closer to one or two of the attractions on your list (e.g. Rincon de La Vieja National Park). This way you could shuttle or bus between towns, then walk, taxi, take the local bus, etc once you are there.