Transportation between hotles and parks

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pollybij asked 8 years ago

I’m wondering how I get from my hotel to the parks, or other sights if I’m not renting a car.  Are there taxis that will drop me off and pick up? Also, you write about shuttle buses as an option to travel between cities – where do you get them, how do you get schedules?  Thanks!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi pollybij,  Depending on what park you are visiting, yes there are taxis that can take you there and you can arrange for them to come pick you up or wait for you while you visit. Some of the more remote parks would be harder to do this way and you would have to do a tour, which would include transport from your hotel. As for getting between destinations with shuttles, there are tons of companies that offer private vans and a few shared shuttle van companies that run on more of a schedule. Two popular ones are Interbus ( and Grayline ( Shared shuttles are on average about $50 each way, but can be more or less depending on distance. Private vans are generally much more expensive and better if you have a group.