What to do and how to do it with toddler, infant, three adults?

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naturespathgz asked 7 years ago

Hello, we have two weeks in Costa Rica. I have been there twice already before becoming a father. Now with a three year old, a one-year old, my partner, her mother, what can this motley crew do during those two weeks? And how would we do it? I thought about renting a car. It’s November so toward the end of the rainy season. But then I read about all those expensive tickets we can get for this or that. On your forum you mentioned shared shuttles or better yet, private shuttles. What do you think? Where can we go that won’t completely bust the savings account?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi naturespathgz, 
Not sure what you have heard about traffic tickets, in our almost 4 years driving all over the country we have never gotten one. There are some old/outdated stories out there about driving so just be aware of that. With 5 people and 2 young kids, driving might make the most sense (car seats, flexibility for stops, etc) but the shuttles are a good option too. Private is probably the way to go with a group that size and will cost the same or maybe less than shared. As for where to go, you could check out our Destinations Summary Guide for some ideas of places you’d like to visit. Our Top 10 Itineraries book might also help you put some ideas together too.