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LOUANNHILLMAN asked 7 years ago

Love reading all your articles and watching your videos!  I had a specific question on what time of year you shot the “Driving to Monteverde” video.  The reason I ask is that we are heading there on Nov 25th from La Fortuna.  Our friends have told us that while that time of year is nearing the end of the rainy season (read your answer about the hurricane that hit last Thanksgiving though!), it is also the time of year when the roads are at their absolute worst due to the two prior months of Sept/Oct rainy season leading up to it.  We will have a 4×4 SUV and are taking your suggested route around Lake Arenal through Tilaran.  Any thoughts?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

We shot that video (the one in our Driving to Monteverde Post – from Tilaran to Monteverde) a couple of years ago in July. The conditions are always changing due to local rainfall events but crews try to always keep it passable and make repairs when necessary (we have driven it at many different times of year and it has been a little different each time but pretty similar to the video). This is an important route for tourist vans and buses too, so in late November, it should have been re-graded/maintained to get ready for the high season. Of course you never know, but you could always double check with your hotel in the weeks leading up to your visit to make sure nothing major has happened to that section of the road. Hope you have an enjoyable trip!