time from San jose to puerto viejo

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sledwith asked 8 years ago

Hi.  I have worked on a trip plan for 7 people to Costa Rica.  I have been here for work in the past (San Jose only).  And, we wanted to find someplace out of the US.  Costa Rica was the first choice.
By and large, my family has not been out of the US ever.  I used your site for the past 8 weeks researching different things.  And, putting together an itinerary.
Right now, it is 7:24pm, and I’m on the patio listening to the waves crash into a small casista just south of Dominical beach. And it is just awesome.
Want to simply thank you for all that you do.  Your site has great and informative content.
All the best, y que tengas una buena semana santa.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

That is great to hear! So happy that you are having a nice time in CR, and most of all, that you found our site useful. That’s what we try to do 😉 Thank you for taking the time to write.