We have three weeks and two kids…

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Laurie asked 7 years ago

We are excited to be planning our trip to Costa Rica in April with our two young children.  It’s a scouting trip to see if we’d like to make a more permanent in the future.  We are thinking we will spend two days in Atenas after flying into SJO.  Then we want to take the ferry to Montezuma for 4-5 days. Next we want to ferry back across and start down the coast, stopping in Jaco and Manuel Antonio for a night or two each.  Then with our remaining time we think we want to spend at least a week living in a house in Dominical and checking out Uvita and Ojochal.  We realize we are missing out on La Fortuna and of course other places, but this seems realistic for us.  We still have a few other days to fill if needed.  Any thoughts, insight or wise advice? Are we crazy for trying to do this much? Thanks so much for all the information in your articles. It’s been a tremendous help in planning.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Laurie, 
That sounds like a really fun itinerary and covers a lot of the Pacific coast. You could definitely use your extra days to add time in Jaco and/or Manuel Antonio since there is a lot to see there. You could also spend the last couple days right near San Jose to do some sites in the city. We’ve got a post about that here: How to Spend 1 or 2 Days in San Jose. There are some cool museums that teach you a lot about Costa Rica. Overall though, looks like a great trip, have fun!  

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