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Liz asked 8 years ago

Hi guys!! We are so fortunate to have found your VERY helpful website! By far the best one we have came across yet:) We are having trouble deciding on a destination, based on what we would like to experience while in Costa Rica. We will be staying for 10-14 days but would like to do as little traveling as possible. We would like to keep it to two destinations, if possible. I will start out by telling you what we are looking for: Volcano Beaches White water rafting Hiking Waterfalls Natural springs Hanging bridges Surfing Fishing Birding Beach bars close to our lodging (preferably walking distance) Good food Live music (?) We would like our lodging to be on the nicer side, but does not have to be luxury. Looking to stay somewhere there is a good mixture of locals, expats, and a few tourists. I know this seems like a lot, but we are truly overwhelmed as to where we should be heading to Costa Rica. Thank you for your help!! The Overwhelmed Honeymooners 😉

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hey Honeymooners!  One of your destinations should definitely be La Fortuna because it has the volcano, hot springs, white water rafting, hiking, etc that you are after. Check out our post for more info: La Fortuna: What to Expect. As for a beach destination, there are several in Guanacaste that fit your description like Tamarindo, Playa Conchal, and Playas del Coco. They have fun things going on but they are pretty touristy. Some slightly less touristy ones in Guanacaste would be Samara, Nosara, or further down the peninsula, Montezuma. An alternative idea is to visit the Caribbean side. Puerto Viejo is a really nice beach destination and it’s easy to get around from your hotel to the beaches. Read: Puerto Viejo: Caribbean Cool in Costa Rica for more on that one. If you need more specific help, let us know. We offer itinerary services and love doing honeymoon itineraries!     

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