Ten Days in Costa Rica

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charlotte.s asked 8 years ago

Hi guys!
Loving the site, so useful!
My boyfriend and I are planning a ten night trip to Costa Rica at the end of March and wanted to split our time between three locations; Manuel Antonio, La Fortuna, and then some time on the Caribbean cost (most probably Puerto Viejo de Talamanca)
Do you think ten nights is sufficient to fit this all in, and which order would you recommend doing them in? We’d like to spend three nights in each location, returning to San Jose for our final night before an early morning flight home.
Do you think this would be enough time in each location?
Thanks so much!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Charlotte, You can easily do those 3 destinations in 10 nights. Your best bet is probably to do Manuel Antonio first, then La Fortuna and end on the Caribbean side (or vice-versa, Caribbean to Fortuna to MA). The main point is that it’s better to connect La Fortuna and the Caribbean. If you go to the Caribbean from Manuel Antonio instead, you have to go through San Jose, which usually has traffic and it’s easy to get lost. It’s not a bad drive from La Fortuna (all highway), just is a little long, so be sure to leave early enough so that you’re not driving in the dark.