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marie bob asked 8 years ago

Hello you guys!
First thing , your blog is MAGICAL!!! so much great info! I also have your 10 itineraries book. Simple , to the point ,love it!
Quick and simple question , we will be arriving at 9pm so let’s say 10pm out of airport of Liberia on July 22nd. Our hotel is un playa flamingo ( around 45minutes to 1 h drive). There is a shuttle for 90$ from the hotel or we can take a taxi. I’m wondering if it is as easy as in Montreal airport let’s say to grab a cab for such a ride ?
I feel like 90$ is a lot but I have no idea of the price as it is negotiable (right ?)
THANK YOU in advance

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi marie bob, 
$90 does seem a little high for that trip. A taxi will definitely be available at the airport at that time of night but we’re not sure of the exact rate that they would charge. The official airport taxis (the ones allowed to give service from the airport) are a bit more expensive than a regular cab would be in other parts of Costa Rica. There are many private shuttle companies too, that either post their rates online or you can contact them for a quote. I would expect that you could probably arrange a price around $75 or so from one of them. Have a great trip.