Tamarindo vs Playa Pelada

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monica asked 9 years ago

Hi, Jenn and Matt
Which of the 2 you recommend for swimming at low tide, good beach, good fishing, wildlife and good restaurants: Tamarindo or Playa Pelada? We will be going in December. We are not interested in night life and would like to stay in a nice, safe and quiet area, away from all the loud town noises (we experienced them when we stayed in La Fortuna and we decided to move in a hotel outside town after 1 night). We have been to Manuel Antonio and Dominical before, but this time around we would like to go to any of the 2 places I mentioned for 4 nights. We found few good houses to rent on VRBO, but we are not sure which location would be better. We will have a 4X4. Which one do you think would be a good match for our wish list?
Thank you,