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Patrick Lellieu asked 6 years ago

We are taking my parents (82 & 78yrs old) for their 50th wedding anniversary to the Tamarindo area and will be staying at the JW Marriott. I am looking for some things to do with them, since they will be skipping the zip-lining and ATV activities. They would be perfectly relaxing by the beach, but I want to see if anybody has any suggestions for things to do with/for elderly folks.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Patrick,
That’s great that you will be visiting Costa Rica with your parents. A couple of more mellow activities near Tamarindo that might be nice with seniors are a boat tour through the Palo Verde wetlands or a catamaran cruise or sailboat sunset tour. For the wetland tour, the boat is very stable and goes slow so that you can see the many wetland birds, crocodiles, monkeys, etc. The large Catamaran is also nice and fairly stable for older folks. If you’d like some help organizing the details and bookings, just reach out through our tour booking page. We’d be happy to help!
Another short activity that you could do on your own if you have a car is to visit the small town of Guatil. There are several small shops/artisans there that make traditional-style pottery. They will demonstrate how it is made using the local clay and you can purchase different pottery objects from them as well.