Swimming at Nauyaca Falls

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Wenzel64 asked 7 years ago

We are going to rent a car one day and drive from Manuel Antonio to Nauyaca Falls. Can you advise us as to how to avoid getting things stolen while we are swimming, e.g., car keys, wallet?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Wenzel64,
People generally put their belongings on the rocks at the edge of the lower pool and just keep an eye on them when they are swimming. The space isn’t that big so you would notice if someone was getting close to your stuff and there are enough people around usually so that you could easily yell if there was a problem. Plus they’d have to hike up the stairs to get out. We’ve been several times and never seen any incidents. Just in case though, try to bring the bare minimum. Have fun on your day trip to the falls, they are some of the best in CR!