Stopping points between La Fortuna and Manuel Antonio

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rolevine asked 7 years ago

Hi again (3rd and final question for the evening 🙂 ),
We’re going to be driving (our own vehicle) from La Fortuna to Manuel Antonio.  We have a 4-year-old with us so it’s essential that he stay entertained and exercised for the ride.  Do you have any suggestions on places to stop along the way, keeping in mind that we’ll have a vehicle full of all of our stuff.  When travelling in the US, we frequently seek out schools and community centers such that we can find a playground or something similar.  Are playgrounds easy to find?  We’d of course be willing to stop at places far more interesting than a regular playground too :).

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Rob, 
Many of the towns that you drive through will have a central park area that sometimes has a swing set or some other playground equipment. Not sure if the park in San Ramon has anything but it at least has some paths and open space to run around on and you could park along the edge to watch the car. Otherwise the only thing off the top of my head is a stop at the bridge in Tarcoles on Route 34. Below the bridge are dozens of gigantic crocodiles hanging out on the river bank. On the north side of the bridge there are parking attendants and on the south side (less parking spaces available) there are usually a couple of police officers hanging out. Hope the little guy doesn’t get too squirmy. Have fun!   

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