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Kate asked 6 years ago

We will be driving from Dreams Las Mareas to San Jose with our two daughters who are 5 and 7.  From what I can tell, the drive is going to be about 5.5 hours.  Is there any fun place to stop along the way? Or a good place for lunch where the kids can run around a bit?  We are stopping at Las Pumas on the way to Dreams from Arenal and I was looking for something similarly interesting for the last leg of our trip.  

1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Kate, 
The Llanos de Cortez waterfall is another fun stop in a similar area to Las Pumas. For a restaurant, there is a place called the Monteverde Restaurant, right on Route 1 but closer to Puntarenas. The food is just fine but the kids might like it because there are some dinosaur sculptures and a big place to run around. They also have pizza, which always is a kid pleaser!  

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