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Andrea asked 6 years ago

Hi Matt & Jen, Firstly, let me say your site is great. We have learned about some great activities through your blog posts and have taken your advice on many locations to visit. Can you recommend where we should stay the night before our Diamanté Falls adventure? We are in Dominical for 3 nights after the overnight adventure to the cave.  Because the tour starts at 8:30am, what towns should we consider for a 1 night stay before the tour? Thank you!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Andrea, 
Dominical and San Isidro de El General are the closest “big” towns and both about the same distance from the starting location. Both take about 40 minutes. You could look at our Costa Ballena post for some hotel recommendations down on the coast or our San Isidro post to get a feel for that area. There are some smaller hotels in and around San Isidro and it’s a cool little local city.