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Natalie Wolff asked 6 years ago

Greetings! I’ll be in CR with friends for a week heading to Manuel Antonio then Drake’s Bay. They fly out from SJO and since that seems like an easy place to launch from I plan on traveling back there with them. I’ll have a solo week after and want to head to the cloud forest and maybe another area. This is my first time as a solo traveler and I speak no Spanish. I think I feel most comfortable taking shuttles to my solo locations instead of renting a vehicle on my own. Thoughts? Also, I enjoy the smaller, quieter places so any input on that would be awesome. I have been utilizing your website for weeks now and I appreciate it so much! Also, I think I read on here that in the smaller towns you’ll find fewer people who speak English…

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Natalie,
Starting from San Jose and taking shared shuttles is a great plan. One tip is that if you stay on the San Jose side of the Airport, many shuttles can pick you up right from your hotel. Otherwise, if you’re staying in Alajuela, you may have to meet the shuttle at a local meeting point and take a taxi to get there.
From San Jose, you can easily get to Monteverde, which is one of the best options for cloud forest. Many of the people in tourism industry there speak English as well. From Monteverde, you can travel on to several other places. There is a shared shuttle-to-boat-to-shuttle that connects to La Fortuna that’s fun. Or you could go to some beach towns in Guanacaste first, then loop over to La Fortuna and finally back to the SJO area (if you are flying out from there). We’d be happy to help you book any of these shuttles once you have your plans. We offer a 10% discount on shared shuttles through Interbus. You can check it out and contact us through our Discounts Page