Snorkeling sites near Jaco or Manual Antonio

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hamcgill asked 7 years ago

Our family is staying in Jaco Beach and was wondering if there were any good snorkeling sites near there or around Manual Antonio state park?  Also any other great family outing suggestions near Jaco Beach? Thanks!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi hamcgill, 
There are actually some pretty decent snorkeling spots near Jaco but they are best reached by a Kayak tour since they go to some points that aren’t that accessible by land. We can set you up with a great company if you need a recommendation. If you’re not up for that, you can do some casual snorkeling inside Manuel Antonio National Park when the conditions are right. There is also a beach called playa Biesanz in Manuel Antonio that can be okay if the waters are clam and it hasn’t rained. Overall, don’t expect the snorkeling in Costa Rica to be on par with some of the famous spots like Belize or some Caribbean islands, but it can still be really fun.