Snorkeling at Playa Biesanz

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Bernice Gulbro asked 6 years ago

Thanks for putting together such an informative and helpful travel blog! My family will be traveling to CR July 3-11 and staying in Parrita.  We would like to do some snorkeling and it looks like Playa Biesanz would be the closest area to do that.  Would you recommend going through a company to go snorkeling or is it feasible to buy/rent our own gear and go to Playa Biesanz on our own? 

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Bernice, 
Yes, Playa Biesanz would be a great option. Last time we were there a vendor was renting snorkel gear but you could easily bring your own as well. It was better for snorkeling on a mid-or-low tide if I remember right because you have better access to the rocks/coral on the left/south edge of the beach. If you plan to go to Manuel Antonio National Park, there is also a good beach inside that has calmer water for snorkeling. Then you can explore the park and have fun in the water after (there are changing rooms). Bring your own gear for the park though as none is available to rent. Another option is to do snorkeling as part of a Catamaran tour. They stop in the Playa Biesanz cove (further out) for about an hour of snorkeling. We have a short video on our Manuel Antonio Catamaran Cruise post, to give you an idea of the conditions. Let us know if that interests you and we can arrange the tour. Have fun!   

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