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zimonline asked 8 years ago

We’re super excited for our trip in a few weeks.  Our itinerary ended up with a long drive (~5 hours) from Quepos to Guanacaste.  We’ll have a rental car.
Any suggestions for things to see and do along the way to help break up the trip?
We have 3 boys – 12, 9, 9 – that we’ll be trying to entertain

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi zimonline,
You could stop at the Tarcloes River Bridge, about 25 minutes north of Jaco. It is right on the highway and you can walk out on the bridge and look down at the giant crocodiles that hang out below. Another couple stops, are the Llanos de Cortez Waterfall and Las Pumas Rescue Center. Just be careful with your rental car and make sure someone is watching it and your stuff. We recommend carrying your expensive electronics and travel documents with you in separate backpack and not leaving anything important in the car. At the bridge, there are parking attendants at one end and usually a police presence on the south side. The waterfall has a private parking lot with an attendant and the rescue center has a gated lot with an employee monitoring who comes and goes.
Another thing that might be nice is to rent a WiFi stick for your car so the kids can use their devices. The company we recommend, Adobe, has these for around $10/day. Check out the rental car discount we offer through Adobe here: 
Hope this helps and have a great trip.