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narisafari asked 6 years ago

We are coming April 4-14 this year, and are trying to figure out how to choose two spots in which to base our trip. Originally, we thought La Fortuna (actually La Castillo) and then the Pacific coast near Playa Flamingo (air bnb or VRBO). We typically rent a 4×4 and then tootle around countries to see what’s there, as we are avid birders. But I’m a little deterred about the car thefts in CR for one, and then how safe it is to day-trip drive around to the National Parks in both areas. We love a good back road adventure, but how calculating is our risk of doing it here? Obviously, we will take our day packs with us, etc.. 

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi narisafari, 
Car thefts are not all that common but we do hear about car break-ins from time to time. Mostly this is because someone has left something in the car. Even a cheap pair of sunglasses might get a thief’s attention. So if you are taking your day packs with you and not leaving anything laying around in the car, you should be fine. We’ve been driving around exploring parks and trails for 4.5 years now and haven’t had any problems (knock on wood). You might also find that our Safety Tips Post and Driving Post make you feel better. Hope you have a good time and spot some great birds! 

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