September Trip to Costa Rica

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Matt Correa asked 6 years ago

Hi Jenn and Matt,
I came across your site and wow there is so much great knowledge here! Thank you for taking the time and there being so much insight. I booked a five day trip to Costa Rica in early September (Aug 31-Sep 4) and was wondering if you had recommendations on where to go? I read your rainy season post and noticed you mentioned the Caribbean Coast might be the best bet as that is usually dryer, but my friend and I don’t mind the rain. We’re hoping to get one beach day in, but besides that, would like to be in an area where there are a lot of activities on the off chance that it is pouring down rain every day. We were thinking of potentially staying in the Costa Ballena area as there seems to be a lot of activities there (be it waterfalls, hiking, whale tours, etc) which we could do if it’s raining, and maybe run up to Manuel Antonio if we have some sun on one of the days and do the beaches and zip-lining. What are your thoughts on that? Anywhere we could still do a lot of activities in the rain would be ideal! We’re open to suggestions all around the country since all we have are our flight tickets at the moment.
Thank you so much!


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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Matt, 
Those areas would be nice and while you might get a day of heavy rain, like you said, you can usually still fit in activities. It usually rains more in the afternoon and evening so you can typically fit in a hike or tour in the morning and take cover later when it rains. The Costa Ballena is good if you have a car (4×4 recommended if you are exploring). And yes, a day trip up to Manuel Antonio would show you a different area and give you more tour options. So I’d say that if you are drawn to these areas, go for it!