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Michelle Williams asked 6 years ago

Hi there. My husband and I will be hiring a driver to take us from San Jose to Monteverde (and vice versa) in December. I’m wondering if you can recommend any interested side trips along the way. We can take the entire day to make our way to Monteverde. I’d just like to arrive before dark.

Also, if you have a driver to recommend, that would be swell too. Although the owner of our airbnb says she can help with that.

Thanks for your advice!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Michelle,
We do work with some private shuttles that can take you from San Jose to Monteverde. They can stop along the way for lunch or sight-seeing too. There actually aren’t too many attractions along the way but a couple of options come to mind. One is an organic coffee farm tour (this is closer to San Jose but could be done towards the beginning of your trip). Another is a visit to a remote ranch that sits along the Gulf of Nicoya (about halfway through the ride). The ranch has a simple hiking trail that goes along the edge of the gulf. There are usually some birds and howler monkeys to see. This ranch also has a boat tour that explores the nearby mangroves, focusing on birding. If you’d like help arranging the shuttle or shuttle and tour, just contact us through our shuttle booking page and we will get back to you there with more details and pricing.