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liz253 asked 7 years ago

Love your website and all your info. My concern are roads from San Jose airport to where we are staying in guanacaste/flamingo beach. we plan on renting a car at the San Jose airport to sightsee along the way. Do you recommend this or just jumping on a commuter flight or private bus to Liberia airport. Seems really far. Thank you

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi liz253, 
The local flights on small planes are great and save a ton of time but you might have a hard time catching one the same day, depending on your arrival time. They don’t run that many flights in the afternoon. The roads getting to Guanacaste are all paved and a lot of it is highway but it is a long drive. We don’t recommend driving it at night (sunset is around 6) since road markings aren’t great, the roads can be extremely dark, it rains more at night, etc. So a good option if you fly in during the afternoon is to get started on the drive and stay somewhere in between (Atenas is close or there are a few options near Puntarenas) or stay over near the airport and get a local flight the next morning. If you need some suggestions for near the airport, you can read our Best Hotels near SJO post. Hope this helps.