San Gerardo de dota and Los Quetzales NP questions

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Tempsickk1 asked 9 years ago

Hi Guys,
My girlfriend and I will be traveling to Costa Rica in August. It is my 3rd time visiting and her 1st. We will be staying in San Gerardo de dota for a portion of the trip and have a few questions. 
How far is the nearest gas station? We are driving there from San Jose and to Dominical after, where do you suggest we fill up on gas?
Also, since there are no supermarkets in the area, where do you suggest doing some food shopping for a 4 night stay? Should we forget about shopping and just eat all of our meals out? Are there any good breakfast/coffee spots to go to in the morning? Does the small store with “the basics” have enough breakfast foods to keep us covered?
Your post about the area was very helpful and we look forward to hearing your advice on our proposed questions,

Tempsickk1 replied 9 years ago

Also, do you know where we can find a map of Los Quetzales National Park? We plan on hiking the area as extensively as possible but can’t find any maps of the park or for surrounding area at all.