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sully213 asked 8 years ago

Just curious is you know how I can view/get a picture of San Fernando Waterfall?  I’ll be travelling from San Jose towards La Paz waterfall garden and then on up towards San Miguel and Sarapiqui.
I’m also thinking about checking out Cartarata Del Toro.  Not sure if this is too much for 1 day?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Sully, 
Reports are that you can see the San Fernando waterfall from the main road between Poas and Sarapiqui but if it the one we are thinking of, it is kind of far off in the distance and more easily spotted coming the other direction on that road. You can try exploring a bit in the small town of Cinchona, which is about 0.5 miles north of La Paz Waterfall Gardens on that road. Maybe ask around for the best vantage point. Also, one of the waterfalls from La Paz is really close to the road and you almost have to drive under it…it’s a pretty great photo opportunity too. 
Cartarata Del Toro is definitely worth the visit too (it is absolutely spectacular) and you don’t need a lot of extra time to see it. It is fairly close to Sarapiqui if that is where you are staying, so you could visit from there as well. Have a great time!