Scott Cuthbert asked 6 years ago

Hola, On our next trip to CR we (now with teenagers) are planning to visit San Jose, Monteverde, Arenal and Samara. Our plan is to do a number of the tours, see as much as we can and have a few beach days too. Our last trip (Honeymoon) we visited San Jose, Monteverde, Arenal, San Juan, Tortuguero, Carara, Sotavento & Manuel Antonio. So long winded question: can we spend the majority of our time in Samara and not feel like we missed out? If we skip Carara and Manuel Antonio? Gracious, Scott

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Scott, 
Those 4 destinations will give you a good variety and I don’t think you’d necessarily be missing out on anything. Samara is a great beach town for your few days at the beach. It won’t have the variety of wildlife that you saw on your last trip because that area is the tropical dry forest. It still has some monkeys and great birds but probably not what you experienced in Tortuguero or Manuel Antonio last time. Hope this helps!