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Sierra Deimling asked 6 years ago

Hi there! My name is Sierra (20) and my sister Anna (18) and I are going to be spending 6 weeks in Costa Rica this summer working at a couple different hostels and farms. We are beginning our journey in San Gerardo and are planning on taking the bus from San Jose to San Isidro, spending the night, and then taking the bus to San Gerardo the following day. I\’m wondering how safe the public transportation is, how easy it is to navigate, how much money we should be carrying, and if you have any recommendations for where we should stay in San Isidro? I would really appreciate the help, thank you!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Sierra, 
That sounds like a good plan. Taking the public bus is always a little nerve racking (no matter what country) but it should be pretty safe in this case, especially since I think you will be on the same bus line (probably the Musoc company) for the whole time. It’s probably better not to carry too much cash around. There are many banks and ATM machines in San Isidro that you could use to take out more if needed. Since you won’t have a car, you’ll probably want to stay right in town somewhere. We stayed in Hotel Chirripo once and it was fine. It’s right on central park area but even with the traffic and people around, the room wasn’t too noisy. The restaurant is decent too! We’ve got other restaurant recommendations in our San Isidro post as well. Good luck with the trip!