Sabbatical to Costa Rica with 7 month old baby

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Suslondon asked 7 years ago

Thank you for your great website. We would be grateful for your advice on a few things. We are planning on a sabbatical for approx. 5 months in Costa Rica. from January 2017. We currently live in the UK and have a 7 month old baby. The purpose of the sabbatical would be to explore the nature in Costa Rica, get healthy and learn Spanish. We are writers and would also be writing whilst looking after the little one. We were wondering which areas you might recommend? We are looking for a place which is not very touristy but close to a supermarket/good medical facilities. We were hoping to be based near the coast in an area not dense with mosquitos if possible! A yoga centre nearby would be a huge bonus. We were also wondering how we may go about renting a small flat (2 bedrooms) at a reasonable rate. Thanks so much for your help.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Suslondon, 
That is great that you are planning to come to Costa Rica for an extended stay. It can be tricky finding affordable options over the internet if you don’t have any connections here. We would probably recommend renting something short term for the first couple weeks or month in order to connect with people in the community and search for the right house. That will allow you the chance to go and see it personally too. As for where to look, those parameters are tricky since non-touristy areas are generally quite a distance from medical facilities. You might consider the Costa Ballena area? It is spread out so you would need a vehicle but you can find some deals, especially if you go inland a bit and the hospitals aren’t too far away.