Is route 713 paved?

David Loewy asked 6 years ago

I am going to follow your suggested two week itinerary. I bought the road map you suggested to help route our driving with a rental car. In planning my route from La Fortuna to Manuel Antonio I looked at google maps. It takes me to San Ramon and then on a connector road, route 713 south to route 3. On the Costa Rica road map it looks like part of route 713 is designated as a secondary route. Does that mean it is not paved? I don’t want to take my small 2WD rental on an unpaved road. Is that how you would go or should I take route 138, which is slightly not as direct more to the east?   Thanks   BTW I signed up for your blog and I only got the initial intro email and nothing since over a month ago.

1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi David, 
Route 713 is not completely paved from reports that we have heard and it gets very steep in parts. We do not advise going that way. For the route from La Fortuna to Manuel Antonio, we recommend taking Route 702 to San Ramon, then connecting to Route 1 west. Follow that to Barranca and connect with Route 23 to Caldera, then Route 27 and Route 34. Routes 702 and 1 are a little curvy but not too slow. The rest of the routes are all highway so it goes pretty quick. 
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