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Kevin asked 8 years ago

Good morning! I’m sure this has been covered many, many times on this forum. I found a few answers to my questions, but I figured I’d just ask myself to see if anything has changed.. We’ll be visiting Costa Rica for 8 days in the middle of November. We love the idea of renting a car, but we might go with a shuttle/bus option depending on the kinds of roads we have to travel on. I’ve had a hard time finding out which routes are better than others, so I was hoping you had some insight.. We fly into Liberia in the early afternoon, and were interested in spending the first few days down in Samara. From there, we were planning on heading north to Monteverde, Arenal, or both. After our inland adventures, we’d go back to Liberia and fly home. Any tips on which routes to take if we did go with a rental car? Places to avoid? Your site has been a great resource, and the ability to ask you questions like this directly is a really, really nice feature. Thank you for the services you provide!!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Kevin, 
Things are starting to dry out in mid-November so road conditions should be pretty good for you. If you do rent a car don’t forget to checkout our discount to save some money. Samara is an easy drive from Liberia so great idea for a starting point. From the Nicoya Peninsula you can cut across Route 18 to Route 1 and then take 606 to Monteverde. We have a Driving to Monteverde post that will help with that. The post also covers the road getting from Monteverde to Arenal/La Fortuna. Then the way back to Liberia is easy on Route 142 around the lake to Canas, then north to Liberia from there on Route 1. We have a post coming out this coming week that covers road conditions on all these routes so be sure to subscribe to our email list to get that sent to you. Hope you have a great vacation!  

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