Question about two river trips: Cano Negro & Pacuare

DWQA QuestionsCategory: General Travel QuestionsQuestion about two river trips: Cano Negro & Pacuare
korshmar asked 9 years ago

Two completely different options that we have questions about:
(1) While staying in La Fortuna, we are considering taking a boat trip on the Frio River at the Cano Negro Reserve. My son did this years ago in January and saw lots of wildlife, but our trip would be in June, wondering if that makes a big difference. Also, where best to sign up for this tour?
(2) Matt & Jenn describe the exciting Pacuare River rafting trip in their Itineraries book (this book is highly recommended; a great bargain as a Kindle ebook). We are traveling from La Fortuna to Puerto Viejo. There is shuttle transportation option available that includes this rafting trip- picks you in La Fortuna, drops you off in Puerto Viejo. Our question: my wife and are in our 60’s, but in reasonable physical condition. Should we take this trip, or settle for something milder?

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