Rental Car for our trip in March/April 2017

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Eric6792 asked 7 years ago

A couple of questions for you.  First, on your rental car page, I can’t find the link to Adobe’s rental car page with the 10% discount.
Second, will we need 4 wheel drive?
Our Itinerary:
March 27- Arive at Liberia. Drive to Carolina Lodge near Bijagua
March 30- Drive to Playa Hermosa
April 1 – Drive Playa Flamingo to drop off son at Spanish school then on to Monteverde
April 4 – Drive to La Fortuna
April 7 – Drive to Tamarindo
April 8 – Drive Round Trip to Playa Flamingo to pick up son.
April 9 – Drive to Airport (Liberia)

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hopefully you were able to find the rental car discount on our page. Sometimes it is inactivated when the company updates inventory but it usually comes back online quickly. Yes, for getting to Monteverde you will probably want a 4×4 and it might come in handy around Bijagua as well. It should be dry at that time so you might be able to get away with a 4×2 SUV that has higher ground clearance, but a 4×4 would be the safer bet.