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skmartens asked 8 years ago

Hi guys, thank you so much or all of your helpful information! My friend and I are both 22 and headed to Costa Rica during high season this year January 8-16. We are currently on the fence about renting a car. I looked in to the discount you guys offer, and it seems great! However, I have heard so many horror stories of the mandatory insurance that is required in the country. It doesn\’t seem to appear as included when I get a quote via the discount you guys posted. Can you tell me more about the mandatory insurance, and how much you think it would be for a 7 day rental? Also do you know if there are young driver fees, since we are under 25? I just don’t want to get into a situation when we are expecting to pay around $400/week and end up having to pay $700/week on the day of. Thank you!!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi skmartens,  Thanks for checking out our site! Adobe always includes the mandatory insurance in the quote. It\’s the line item called \”loss damage waiver.\” They are great because they don\’t hide any charges and the quote you get is accurate and will be what you pay when you arrive. Unfortunately, though, I think Adobe\’s policy is that you have to be 23 or older to rent a car. 🙁 Other companies do allow younger drivers. The last time we checked Budget, Service, Alamo, Dollar, Poas, and Toyota all require you to be at least 21 (maybe others too). Not sure what the individual policies are for young drivers but I think they only charge if you are under 21. Poas, for example, charges an extra $8/day for drivers 18-20. Whatever you do, just make sure you inquire about all fees, insurance, and taxes so that you don\’t get taken advantage of because a lot of other companies do not include everything in the quote. Also make sure to ask what amount you will have to put down as a hold/deposit. $1000 to $1500 is normal but we have heard stories of companies wanting up to $5000! Reading the company\’s terms and conditions will also tell you a lot sometimes. Wishing you the best with sorting it out, once you do you will have a blast!