Rental car and $1000 credit card holds!

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tmytyoung asked 7 years ago

Hi! We are traveling to Costa Rica next month. Our plan was to rent a car in San Jose and drive to the Guanacaste region for the last half of our trip. A colleague that used to live in CR suggested renting a large SUV, but then I heard stories of huge holds on your credit card and stories of your hold not being refunded. Have you seen this as an issue?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi tmytyoung, 
Yes, holds on your credit card are normal for car rentals in Costa Rica. We have heard of some companies that put holds up to $3000. The company we recommend on our Rental Car Discount Page, Adobe, puts a hold of typically $1000-1500 depending on the model of car. The only reason a hold wouldn’t be returned would be if there was a serious accident or damage to the car. We haven’t personally heard of anyone not getting their hold back for any companies here but It’s possible I’m sure as there are some with bad reputations.