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crewkistDZ asked 6 years ago

Hi! Should we rent a car seat and base or bring our own? Our daughter will be 9 months. We plan on bringing our City Mini GT Stroller. I\’m concerned about the rental base & seat being stolen if we go into a store or restaurant. At least our own seat has an adapter and can fit on the stroller so that only the base would stand to be stolen… We\’ve visited 2x before, and we\’ve always been diligent about not leaving anything in the car. Traveling with a baby is making that an interesting challenge! I appreciate any insight you can offer. Thanks!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi crewkistDZ, 
Bringing your own with the base/stroller might be nice so you can click in and out. Keep in mind that strollers can be hard to use in many destinations though due to uneven or lack of sidewalks. Just something to consider. As far as it getting stolen, we have been driving all around the country with our carseat for 2+ years and haven’t had any problems. I know that it could happen, but it would take only the nastiest criminal to steal a baby seat, the locals absolutely adore children 😉