How to receive mail packages in Costa Rica

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43andimfree asked 8 years ago

Might I begin by thanking you for doing such a fantastic job with your blog!! Your blog is so informative!! LOVE IT!
I’m Erica. My husband and I have been traveling to CR for years. We have decided to retire early. Our plan is to live in CR for 1 year. We’re not opposed to living there longer, it’s just that we have agreed, for the time being, to committ to 1 year. While my husband has taken over the responsibilities of income, housing, car, etc., I’m trying to line up what we need to pack and our homeschooling curriculum.
We’re getting it all laid out and it’s all coming together nicely (thanks to bloggers like you :)), but I do have a question…..would you mind giving me the scoop on the postal service? We are looking to relocate to Uvita, if this helps you.
Thanks for your time!

43andimfree replied 8 years ago

We make a lot of purchases through Amazon, so this is GREAT news!! I make all of our own natural household cleaners and toiletries and get all of our supplies in bulk through Amazon. I was hoping to continue this in CR. Not a huge fan of the cold water Palmolive or the Fabuloso. Hopefully, customs won’t break the budget. Thanks Jenn and Matt!

Jenn and Matt Staff replied 8 years ago

Hi Erica, Just be careful with soaps and stuff like that. We had baby shampoo and lotion shipped from Amazon and DHL had to pull a permit from the CR government when it went through customs. We eventually got the stuff but it was delayed a few weeks and we had to jump through some hoops (DHL asked us to translate the packing slip from English to Spanish; we had to give a copy of our passport, etc.– UGH!). There is a list somewhere of items that are prohibited from entering the country that you could check out. If it’s too much of a pain to get your supplies thru Amazon, there’s always the Panama border (Paso Canoas), not too far from Uvita- there’s good inexpensive shopping there.

43andimfree replied 8 years ago

Well…that’s a bummer! Thanks for the heads up! I’ll try to track down that list.

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