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dmariapaz asked 6 years ago

Hola, This website and itineraries are built around well off people, especially from the USA. I am from South America and have traveled around the Americas, Europe and Africa and there are always local and more reasonable prices. Otherwise, traveling becomes a high end luxury that not even their own people can enjoy. This can be a way of colonization. Think about it. You might mean well… but we have to create options so everyone can enjoy themselves at a reasonable price and still be comfortable and happy with the overall experience. Most of the people who run those AirB&B, hotels, and resorts are not the locals, but people like you that move out of their countries to take advantage of a different market. That is all fine, there is no harm to immigrate to a new land in search of new opportunities, but you must think of this other perspective that you are not seeing- perhaps because you never had to make an effort. My husband and I would like to have our one week honeymoon in Costa Rica in mid January. We have purchased our tickets and we are looking for a reasonable priced apartment that we can rent out for 3-4 days, near the beach and jungle. We have gone through all the options you had provided and the luxury ones are just beyond anything… while the other ones goes to the extreme of being too uncomfortable for not a very reasonable price. We are used to rent places that are nearby local neighborhoods, so we get the real experience of enjoying the people and culture and not a cut out magazine artificial background moment. Of course, we are looking to spend time at the beach and jungle, but we would like to do it at a reasonable price with the same dignified amenities. We are not looking for a pool, or a hot tub. We are just looking for a quaint little apartment, looking over the sea, that is well kept and clean, where we can relax on our honeymoon. Even better, owned and cared by a local owner. Can you help me with this information please? Saludos, María Paz

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