Rain and Mud in June

mattandtori asked 7 years ago

We are looking at coming to Costa Rica for our 20th anniversary.  We would be looking at a more adventurous vacation: white water rafting, zip line, hiking, waterfall jumping and rappelling, but probably a day at the beach too.  We are looking at coming over our anniversary for 7 days around June 6.  Our main question is with the rainy season, how much mud should we expect?  Several sites talked about how you can’t get around without 4 wheel drive and that if hiking you should expect to hike in the mud.  Is this true for the beginning of June, too?  Also, when we hear rainy season, we don’t automatically think of storms, just rain.  But, again, several sites talked of the amazing storms you can see.  Is it always storms?  Or, is it sometimes just rain that you can still do things in like hiking and hot springs?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi mattandtori,

In general June is not one of the rainier months (except maybe on the Caribbean Coast). Typical weather would be sunny mornings with an afternoon downpour and maybe a thunderstorm. You can read more about the different areas in our Weather in Costa Rica post. Our Driving in Costa Rica post will also answer your questions about 4×4. For trail conditions, they shouldn’t be too muddy depending on where you go. Most National Parks and attractions will be fine, as long as they aren’t too remote. You can read our posts on the different National parks you plan to visit and find trail conditions in most of them too. Have a nice trip!