Question: making sense of desired destinations by time and locale

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tbones asked 7 years ago

Hi, thanks so much for all of the great info I have been combing through the past few days. I guess my husband and I have one great burning question…best way to traverse our triangle and complete our dream first vacation in CR? I don’t think we are asking too much. We have approximately 13-14 nights to spend and we are looking at Lands in Love in San Ramon (?), Ylang Ylang (MZ) and somewhere that is available in Manuel Antonio. We look forward to some adventure & relaxation. Also, we are vegan so any insight is totally appreciated. I read through the list of restaurants for MZ. We are mainly confused about the order of travel in our itinerary. Most likely we are flying into SJO. We were thinking of starting at Lands in Love and possibly taking either a shuttle/bus/flight to Montezuma and visiting Manuel Antonio last. I’m curious about the water taxi from Montezuma to Manuel Antonio. Can you recommend this? We prefer not to rent a car if possible but point me to the nearest bike rental dig and I’m a happy camper!    

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi tbones, 
That order would work well. Not sure exactly how the public bus would work from Lands of Love since it is far from any city, so you might have to backtrack to San Jose. So a private shuttle would probably be needed for that (let us know if you need one, we work with a great company). For the Montezuma to Manuel Antonio leg, the boat taxi actually only goes from Montezuma or Santa Teresa to Jaco and from there you would have to catch a shuttle or the bus to Manuel Antonio, which is about another hour or so south. We’ve done that trip and the speedboat is really fun. We waited for the bus instead of getting a shuttle, which ended up taking a while but was a good local experience in the end. For the last leg, from Manuel Antonio to the airport, you could either do a shared shuttle (around $50/pp) or a private one (about $180 total). Again, let us know if you need help with the transport.