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aisselee asked 8 years ago

Hi there,
My boyfriend and I leave for Costa Rica in a month. We will be there for 13 days and 12 nights. We have decided that we want to visit Puerto Viejo, Drake Bay, and Manuel Antonio. Other than flights in and out of San Jose, we have nothing booked. Any recommendations on what order we should visit these places? And what would be the best form of transportation to get to these places?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Annie,  A combination of shuttle vans and small planes might be your best option. Definitely combine Manuel Antonio and Drake Bay together since they are fairly close. Maybe shuttle to Manuel Antonio then shuttle to Drake Bay. Fly back to San Jose and then shuttle to Puerto Viejo? There really is no other easy way to connect Drake Bay and Puerto Viejo. One other option is that small planes do fly into Limon now and you could take the bus from there to Puerto Viejo. You’ll have to book each leg of the flight separate (Drake to SJO, SJO to Limon) since they don’t automatically connect them. Sansa and Nature Air are the two domestic carriers.  

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