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wyldcAtZ.girl asked 6 years ago

Hello…We are staying in two areas in Costa Rica, Nuevo Arenal and Sevegre.  We are also renting a vehicle.  Almost all of the activities seem to include \”transportation\” from a La Fortuna hotel.  We can drive to main office of the company offering the activity, but we wondered about finding parking near one of the hotels closer to the area we are staying.  Doing this saves time, fuel, and money.  Are there \”parking garages\” or parking meters near the hotels in La Fortuna/Arenal?  Do you know if you can pay to park in a hotel lot?  Some hotels in Phoenix, AZ here in the US does this…so, I wondered if anywhere in La Fortuna/Arenal does the same.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi wyldcAtZ.girl, 
You won’t find any parking garages or meters in La Fortuna. Yes, you could drive to the tour operator’s office or try to find a place in between. Hotels don’t advertise that they allow parking but we have done this once or twice in the past. We just had to ask in the reception area. Some places made it into sort of a big deal while others were more casual. It might be best to ask the tour operator what they suggest. They have local contacts with all the hotels/restaurants and may be able to make a call for you and arrange some parking in advance. 

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