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Lorie Lochridge asked 6 years ago


Wondering if you could if you could help us with figuring out the public bus system from Alajuela to Montezuma? We would like to take that direct bus that you mention from San Jose to Puntarenas get on the ferry and then go down to Montezuma. We’re not sure which bus station we need to take the bus from? We are staying in Alejula and we were told that there’s a possibility that that same direct bus goes through Alajuela and will pick up passengers there? Any information you can give us about how to get from Alajuela to Montezuma, actually Cabuya, would be helpful. Thank you.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Lori, 
We took that bus a long time ago when we were staying in Alajuela but we took the Tuasa bus line from Alajuela to downtown really early and caught it from there. If I remember right, we did pick up some people near the airport (off the highway somewhere) on our way past Alajuela but the bus didn’t actually go into the downtown Alajuela area. If you look at the Bus Schedule website, it looks like you can take a bus or taxi to the airport and catch the bus from there. Not sure where the exact pickup location is though but maybe your hotel would be able to find out. The hotel in Cabuya might have a better idea of where to wait than the hotel in Alajuela. Once you get into Montezuma, you’ll have to take the local bus the rest of the way to Cabuya. Let us know how it goes!  

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